Anxiety affects 40 million adults, yet only one-third of people seek treatment. Discover how to effectively cope with anxiety, straight from leading psychologists.

  • Anxiety Disorders: An In-Depth Look at the Root of Mental Health

    8 videos

    Understand anxiety disorders, and how to overcome them, like never before. In this eye-opening series, Dr. Ramani sheds light on the signs anxiety has gone from “healthy” to a hindrance. She dives into the various, sometimes hard-to-spot behaviors of an anxiety disorder. She walks through how and...

  • Anxiety in Children: Cope With Phobias & Find the Right Care

    7 videos

    1 in 3 children and teenagers will meet the criteria for anxiety by age 18. Here's how to cope.

    In this exclusive 6-episode series, Dr. Judy walks you through child anxiety symptoms, how to help children cope with fears & phobias, and perhaps most importantly, how to find the BEST treatment pl...

  • Conquering Thought Distortions with CBT

    6 videos

    Discover how to conquer cognitive distortions with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques.

    Cognitive distortion: The term might not sound familiar to you, but you've surely experienced at least one type of thought distortion, even if you didn't realize it at the time. In this series, lea...

  • College Anxiety & Depression: The Tools & Treatment

    6 videos

    1 in 5 college students experiences anxiety or depression. Here's your crash course in finding release from stress or depression & discovering productivity.

    College can be overwhelming, but when college students experience anxiety and depressive symptoms to the point where it impedes day-to-day ...

  • How to Combat Loneliness & Isolation

    5 videos

    Discover actionable coping strategies for this unspoken mental health crisis.

  • Anxiety & Sleep: How to Become Well-Rested

    9 videos

    Can’t sleep? Discover strategies to achieve better sleep, straight from a leading psychiatrist.

  • The Introvert’s Guide to Depression and Anxiety

    6 videos

    Here are your self-help & prevention tips that are tailored specifically to introverts.

  • Health Psychology: Uncover & Improve Your Mind-Body Connection

    6 videos

    Improving the critical connection between physical & mental health calls for more than just “self-care.”

  • Women’s Mental Health: Conquering Stress & Anxiety at Work

    2 videos

    1 in 5 working women have anxiety or depression, & 90% of those women wish for more help from their employer. Here’s a guide for conquering these mental health issues at work.

  • How to Connect with Your Subconscious & End Self-Sabotage

    4 videos

    Here’s how to reprogram your subconscious limiting beliefs & get empowered to end bad habits for good.

  • Anxiety During Pregnancy & Postpartum: A Guide for Mothers

    5 videos

    Learn the symptoms & treatments of the condition that affects 20% of new & expectant mothers, straight from a reproductive psychiatrist.

  • The Comprehensive Guide to Anxiety Medications

    6 videos

    Empower yourself to find the right, most effective anxiety treatment.