Anxiety in Children: Cope With Phobias & Find the Right Care

Anxiety in Children: Cope With Phobias & Find the Right Care

1 in 3 children and teenagers will meet the criteria for anxiety by age 18. Here's how to cope.

In this exclusive 6-episode series, Dr. Judy walks you through child anxiety symptoms, how to help children cope with fears & phobias, and perhaps most importantly, how to find the BEST treatment plan for long-term mental wellness. Dr. Judy Ho ends the series with self-care tips that children and teenagers can use to face their anxiety in the long-term.

Anxiety in Children: Cope With Phobias & Find the Right Care
  • Anxiety in Children vs. Adults: The Important Differences

    Here's why anxiety should be treated differently in children versus adults.

    Anxiety looks different in children, teenagers, and adults. Understand why this is the case, the most common misdiagnoses, and what anxiety means for a child or teenager's future.

  • Signs & Causes of Anxiety in Children

    Discover the signs, causes, & misconceptions of anxiety & phobias in children you need to know.

    Dr. Judy also walks through the most common forms of anxiety and phobias children experience. She shares what parents can do to help their child overcome the symptoms. Perhaps most importantly, she ...

  • How to Correctly Address Anxiety in a Child or Teen

    Learn the appropriate & effective responses when it comes to addressing anxiety in a child or teen.

    In this session, Dr. Judy explains the responses parents should (and should not) have when dealing with their anxious child. Dr. Judy provides parenting tips to help a child with a phobia.

  • How to Find the Right Professional for an Anxious Child

    Discover how to find the best mental health professional for you and your child or teen.

    Finding the right provider for your child can be difficult. In this session, Dr. Judy walks you through the steps to take in order to find the best professional for you and your child.

  • How to Avoid a Misdiagnosis in an Anxious Child

    When your child or teen really has an anxiety disorder vs. a misdiagnosed health issue, treatment is affected, which in turn hurts treatment outcomes. Here's how to avoid a misdiagnosis when your child or teen really has an anxiety disorder.

    According to the Child Mind Institute, parents wait an...

  • How Anxiety Treatment Should & Should Not Look in a Child

    Understand the actual treatment process & how to find the right treatment regimen for your child.

    From therapies to medications, there is a lot to consider when it comes to mental health treatment for an anxious child. Dr. Judy gives parents the education they need to make an informed decision ...

  • How to Structure Long-Term Wellness for an Anxious Child

    Maintaining long-term mental health doesn't end when your child or teenager's treatment regimen ends. In our final session, Here's how to continue to maintain mental wellness in your child or teenager.

    Dr. Judy walks through long-term wellness strategies to aid both you and your child through re...