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Dr. Kristy Lamb

Dr. Kristy Lamb specializes in Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy, Addiction Medicine, Maternal Mental Health, and Physician Wellbeing. She is also a teacher and trainer and enjoys supervising and training therapists to support her dedication to lifelong learning.

As a clinician, Dr. Lamb works to co-create a personal relationship founded in respect and individualized care with each of her patients. Board-certified in both Family Medicine and Psychiatry from UC San Diego, Dr. Lamb is well-versed in the most cutting-edge, evidence-based psychopharmacology. She has also pursued deeper training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and believes firmly that psychotherapy is an integral part of personal transformation and healing for many people.

  • How to Maintain Mental Health During Life Transitions: A Psychiatrist's Guide

    Whether it’s back-to-school, transitioning back to the office from remote working, or some other change happening in your life...

    Mental health issues often sprout up during times of transition.

    Without the knowledge of the potential mental health impacts of these situations, it may be more dif...

  • Re-entry Anxiety

    It’s difficult to imagine life as it used to be, before global quarantine.

    Re-entry anxiety is more widespread than it’s ever been.

    How do you and those you care for re-enter the world as we knew it and ease back into a semblance of normalcy?

    In this enlightening Live Expert Panel, you’ll lear...

  • Narcissism, BPD, or Addiction? The Link & Treatment Strategies

    Discover the link between personality disorders and addiction. In this live session, Dr. Lamb and Kyle will dispel the misconceptions, spell out the differences, and shed light on treatment strategies for these co-occurring disorders.

  • Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, & More: The Co-Occurring Disorders of Addiction

    The relationship between these mental health conditions & addiction goes two ways; these illnesses can trigger addiction, but also, addiction can lead someone to develop depression, anxiety, or another mental illness. There is hope for recovery; the first step in identifying & treating addiction ...

  • Live Expert Panel: Your Anxiety Masterclass

  • The Causes of Anxiety and What To Do About Them

    How familiar are you with the different causes of anxiety? Some are obvious—but some can hide in plain sight.

    Anxiety manifests in countless ways. The symptoms feel different for different people; the behavioral changes that result often vary; and perhaps most importantly, the treatments and int...