Freedom from OCD

Freedom from OCD

Learn the signs you or your loved one may be living with OCD, and how to work toward recovery.

Freedom from OCD
  • Why OCD is So Often Misdiagnosed

    Dr. Jenny Yip shares insight on why OCD is so widely misunderstood, and why it so often goes undiagnosed. She also sheds light on her own background - both her personal mental health struggles with OCD and her professional success in treating the disorder.

  • An In-Depth Look at Obsessions, Compulsions, & the Types of OCD

    There are two major components of obsessive-compulsive disorder: obsessions and compulsions. In this session, Dr. Yip provides in-depth explanations on what they are, why they happen, how OCD sufferers react to them, and why they manifest through the thoughts and behaviors of the person suffering.

  • What OCD Symptoms Look & Feel Like (with Real-Life Examples)

    This session paints a clear picture of how the various OCD symptoms manifest in day-to-day life through real-life examples. Dr. Yip also shares the signs of OCD in children vs. adults and the causes of the disorder.

  • OCD Treatment Options & What to Look for in a Specialist

    There are some primary, evidence-based treatments for OCD. This session provides detailed education on those treatments, how to find the right specialist, what questions to ask, warning signs of an under-equipped provider, and much more.

  • How to Properly Support an OCD Sufferer

    There’s a fine line between motivating and enabling your loved one with OCD. Supporters must fully understand how to walk this line. This session provides a variety of real-life examples and actionable advice that supporters can implement immediately.

  • What It's Like to Grow Up With OCD

    Dr. Yip is not only an expert on OCD; she’s also battled the disorder herself. This unique combination of being a patient and a specialist will give you a holistic understanding of the disorder. Discover the triumphant story of Dr. Jenny Yip.