How to Help a Hoarder

How to Help a Hoarder

When does being cluttered become hoarding? Learn the signs of hoarding & how to help a hoarder.

There are millions of hoarders in the United States. Research suggests as many as 14 million people may suffer from a hoarding disorder. However, according to Dr. Jenny Yip, the majority of patients who have the right support system in place do recover. This groundbreaking series will teach you the signs of compulsive hoarding and the strategies to help your loved one who’s showing these signs.

How to Help a Hoarder
  • Understanding Life with Hoarding Disorder

    Dr. Jenny explains life with hoarding disorder & shares the worst case of hoarding she's ever seen.

    Dr. Jenny Yip kicks off the series with invaluable foundational knowledge on hoarding disorder. She walks through what life may look like when living with hoarding disorder (for both the patient a...

  • Hoarding vs. Just Collecting: The Differences

    Discover how to tell when"collecting or “having a cluttered home” becomes full-on hoarding.

    Dr. Jenny Yip and host Kyle Kittleson do a deep-dive on hoarding disorder; they discuss the different types of hoarding, what types of objects people typically hoard. They walk through the age at which ho...

  • Why Do People Hoard? (Causes + Risk Factors)

    Understand the latest research on hoarding, and who is most at risk of developing hoarding disorder.

    Dr. Jenny and Kyle discuss the genetic, developmental, environmental, and social causes and risk factors of hoarding disorder. They also share the most common misconceptions around the causes of ...

  • How to Spot the Early Signs of Hoarding Disorder

    These are the signs of hoarding disorder, even if you don't witness the hoarding itself firsthand.

    When does someone cross the line from being “obsessive” over their possessions, to having a clinical disorder? In this discussion, Dr. Jenny and Kyle discuss the early signs of hoarding disorder i...

  • How to Convince a Hoarder to See a Professional

    Learn the diagnostic criteria of hoarding & how to convince a hoarder to see a professional.

    Hoarding disorder is often sensationalized by the media. And the actual criteria that mental health professionals use to diagnose hoarding disorder are different than you think. In this session, Dr. Yip ...

  • How Professionals Diagnose Hoarding Disorder (Step by Step)

    Uncover the steps a professional takes when diagnosing hoarding disorder in a patient.

    Learn how someone goes about getting diagnosed with hoarding disorder through an inside look at the diagnostic process. Dr. Jenny walks through the other conditions that the healthcare provider needs to rule o...

  • The 6 Steps of Hoarding Disorder Treatment

    Discover the 6 steps of hoarding disorder treatment & how to find the right doctor.

    Learn the medications, therapies, and other interventions available for hoarding disorder. Dr. Jenny also walks through how to measure the progress of a treatment plan, how long it takes treatment to start workin...

  • The 3 Signs a Hoarder Has Recovered (& How to Prevent Relapse)

    Learn the long-term management strategies for hoarding disorder that work.

    What should the effects of “successful” treatment look like in the long-term? Dr. Jenny and Kyle answer this question and more in the final session. They also explain whether there are parenting strategies that can preve...