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MedCircle Live Classes: Recordings

MedCircle Live Classes: Recordings

Watch past MedCircle Live Classes.

MedCircle Live Classes: Recordings
  • Live Expert Panel: Anxiety

    It’s considered to be one of the most prevalent mental health concerns in the world.

    Anxiety is more widespread than it’s ever been or at least ever acknowledged. 

    What is the cause of this? Is there a genetic disposition to it? Is it because our lives are busier than ever? Is it because of adj...

  • The Signs Focus Issues Signal ADHD [& How to Find Treatment]

    ADHD is misunderstood. At the same time, focus issues are extremely pervasive in the wake of quarantine and COVID.

    Focus issues can be a major roadblock in someone’s ability to accomplish their goals—

    But with the right education and support, this is a problem that’s solvable!

    Dr. Judy Ho is ...

  • Therapy for Complex PTSD: How to Find It & Achieve Progress

    Complex PTSD can feel like an insurmountable roadblock. 

    It gets in the way of someone’s confidence and feelings of fulfillment in relationships. 

    But your brain might be lying to you—

    And there are mental health clinicians that can empower you to change your life—

    To get to a place where com...

  • Borderline Personality Disorder & Addiction: The Unique Strategies You Should Kn

    Borderline personality disorder comes with mood lability and compulsive behavior—

    Which can often lead to risk of other conditions such as substance use disorder.

    This eye-opening education on interventions for addictive behavior—specifically for those living with borderline personality disorde...

  • Imposter Syndrome: The Impacts & How to Heal

    Imposter syndrome can feel like an insurmountable roadblock.

    It gets in the way of someone’s ability to feel fulfilled in their accomplishments because of irrational beliefs of self-doubt and personal incompetence.

    Sometimes your brain is lying to you—

    And there are ways to tear down the road...

  • Narrative Therapy: How to Confront the Past & Change the Future

    The stories we tell ourselves define our self-concept—the way we view ourselves.

    They shape our thoughts, emotions, behaviors—which ultimately affects how we navigate relationships, career, and the overall way we live our lives.

    Many people unknowingly create negative narratives for themselves....

  • Feeling Anxious for No Reason: Next Steps & Strategies You Should Know

    Have you ever felt lingering stress or anxiety...for seemingly no reason?

    At minimum, this feeling is a nuisance. At its worst, it can impede everyday life.

    It can feel frustrating and have many complicating impacts.

    MedCircle and Dr. Kristy Lamb are here to help you understand why this happe...

  • Person Centered Therapy: The 6 Factors of Growth You Should Know

    When it comes to mental health, clinicians and clients alike often focus on the negative—on what’s going wrong.

    What if we started focusing on our potential—the potential that’s inherent, but that we’re not currently fulfilling because of the mental health obstacles in our way?

    This school of t...

  • Trauma and the Body: How It Gets Trapped & How to Get Unstuck

    Trauma hurts. Not just emotionally, but physically, too.

    Have you heard the phrase, “the body keeps the score”? Trauma can affect someone’s body in complex ways. It takes a professional perspective to truly help those suffering understand what they’re going through and how to get “unstuck.”


  • Co-Parenting & Dating with Kids: Best Practices For Healthy Relationships

    Relationships are a cornerstone of being human. That doesn’t mean they are always easy. Two unique types of relationships of focus in this MedCircle Live Class, specifically for those with children are that with a co-parent, and that with a new partner.

    There are two unique types of relationsh...

  • OCD or Something Else? Here's How the Evaluation Process Should Look.

    Have you ever heard of Relationship OCD? What about Staring OCD or Existential OCD?

    It can take an average of 14-17 years for someone with OCD o be accurately diagnosed and receive the proper treatment…

    One of the main reasons is that symptoms can manifest in SO many ways, and are often misdiag...

  • When Depression Hits: How to Take First Steps Toward Recovery

    When someone’s depressed, it can feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Dr. Ramani wants to help you or someone you care about find hope when it feels like the symptoms of depression are too much to handle.

    To better help you understand what to do regardless of whether there’s an...

  • How to Rebuild Your Life After Major Life Events [Therapy Techniques]

    Everyone experiences hardship. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, a job, a new diagnosis, or some other life altering event—how does someone begin to heal?

    MedCircle wants to provide you with a guide on what next steps to take after a life changing event has “pulled the rug out” from under y...

  • The Mental Health Care Masterclass: Take Back Control & Find Recovery - Part 2

    Do you truly understand your mental health diagnosis?

    Are you confused about the symptoms you or someone you care for is experiencing in the first place?

    Or, has finding the best possible treatment for you or someone you care for felt like a never-ending struggle?

    Here’s your chance to unlock ...

  • The Mental Health Care Masterclass: Take Back Control & Find Recovery - Part 1

    Do you truly understand your mental health diagnosis?

    Are you confused about the symptoms you or someone you care for is experiencing in the first place?

    Or, has finding the best possible treatment for you or someone you care for felt like a never-ending struggle?

    Here’s your chance to unlock ...

  • How to Overcome Avoidance or Procrastination from Anxiety

    Anxiety rewires how we engage with the world around us—often in the most vital parts of our lives.

    It can feel nightmarish, so much so that the only way to make it feel bearable is to avoid certain people, places, or things altogether in order to keep anxiety triggers at bay.

    MedCircle wants to...

  • How to Find a Therapist Who Understands Narcissistic Abuse

    We know the impacts of toxic relationships can feel insidious—Dr. Ramani is here to help you take the first step toward empowerment.

    After dealing with this unique type of stress day in and day out, it can feel like they impede every part of your life.

    But in order to heal, it’s crucial to find...

  • Spot & Overcome Your Hidden ‘Thought Traps”: The Psychology Guide

    Every single person harbors hidden “thought traps.” These negative patterns of thinking are insidious and impact someone’s mood and behavior—many times without them realizing it.

    The first step to improving your mood, behavior, relationships, and day-to-day life is identifying those thoughts tha...

  • Understanding an Overdose: Signs, Myths, Treatments, & Prevention Strategies

    Odds are most of us either have experienced personally or know someone who has struggled with addiction. Perhaps they have even suffered from an overdose. This is a complex issue that is unique to each individual but can wreak havoc for both the patient and their loved ones.

    Dr. Daniel Hochman, ...

  • Complex PTSD & Relationships: How to Build Emotional Resilience

    Complex PTSD (CPTSD) can rob its sufferers of the ability to live an emotionally healthy life.

    If it is left unaddressed, it can negatively impact a survivor in many ways. These negative impacts almost always include relationship obstacles—such as...

    Knowing how to seek out and spot the signs o...

  • How to Maintain Mental Health During Life Transitions: A Psychiatrist's Guide

    Whether it’s back-to-school, transitioning back to the office from remote working, or some other change happening in your life...

    Mental health issues often sprout up during times of transition.

    Without the knowledge of the potential mental health impacts of these situations, it may be more dif...

  • Re-entry Anxiety

    It’s difficult to imagine life as it used to be, before global quarantine.

    Re-entry anxiety is more widespread than it’s ever been.

    How do you and those you care for re-enter the world as we knew it and ease back into a semblance of normalcy?

    In this enlightening Live Expert Panel, you’ll lear...

  • Friendship Love vs Romantic Love: The Differences & Mental Health Benefits

    We all have relationships in our life and each type can have benefits to our mental health. In this series with Dr. Ish Major, he will walk us through:

    - In what situations you "need" each
    - The science behind why community is so good for our wellbeing and mental health
    - When does each kind of ...

  • Simple Self-Improvement Techniques to Optimize Your Long-Term Mental Health

    Is there a more overused term than “self-care”? Perhaps not—but the science behind self-care could not be more legitimate and research-backed.

    Self-care boils down to taking action toward self-improvement. Through behavioral techniques you can implement right now…

    You can improve your day-to-d...