Mental Health in Kids

  • What to Do After a Difficult Diagnosis: Your Mental Health Toolbox

    5 videos

    Here's how to cope with the grief, lifestyle changes, and other mental health impacts of a difficult medical diagnosis.

  • Bipolar Disorder: Foundational Tools for Long-Term Wellness

    7 videos

    Almost 70% of people with bipolar disorder are initially misdiagnosed. Discover the right diagnosis.

    It’s clear that bipolar disorder is wildly misunderstood - and its many misconceptions are perpetuated by behaviors and symptoms that are exaggerated through television and movies. The first ste...

  • Anxiety in Children: Cope With Phobias & Find the Right Care

    7 videos

    1 in 3 children and teenagers will meet the criteria for anxiety by age 18. Here's how to cope.

    In this exclusive 6-episode series, Dr. Judy walks you through child anxiety symptoms, how to help children cope with fears & phobias, and perhaps most importantly, how to find the BEST treatment pl...

  • Psychiatric Hospitalizations 101: What to Know & What to Do

    6 videos

    What happens during a psychiatric hospitalization? A psychiatric hospital stay can be difficult, but with the right tools and family support, they are doable and beneficial. Here’s what you need to know, step-by-step.

  • Video Game Addiction: Pressing Pause & Preventing Its Onset

    9 videos

    1 in 10 kids show signs of gaming addiction. This is your crash course for overcoming it.

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder: How to Parent Combative Kids

    8 videos

    1 in 10 kids may have ODD. Discover the signs & parenting strategies from a child psychiatrist.

  • Depression in Children: The Parenting Guide

    7 videos

    Depression in children looks different than adult depression. Here's your parenting guide.

  • Antidepressants for Kids: The Options, Warnings, & Safety Strategies

    6 videos

    Left untreated, depression in kids leads to more severe issues down the road. This series will shed light on when & how antidepressants in kids can help.

  • Suicidal Ideation: Spot the Signs & Provide the Right Support

    5 videos

    More than 9 million adults report having suicidal thoughts in the past year. Learn the signs, treatment & communication strategies in this illuminating series.

    This series contains definitions and descriptions of suicidal ideation. Some language may contain triggering and/or sensitive material....

  • Suicide Prevention in Children & Teens: Dianne's Story

    3 videos

    140,000 kids stay home from school each day due to a fear of cyberbullying. Here are the hidden signs of online harassment—& strategies to help kids & teens.

  • How to Strengthen Family Support for LGBTQ+ Teenagers

    5 videos

    LGBTQ+ are 2x as likely to have a mental health condition due to stigma. With the right support, this can be changed.

  • Navigating the Ambiguity of ADHD

    7 videos

    ADHD doesn't need to get in the way of success in school or life. Here's how to navigate it.