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Narcissism: The Secondhand Smoke of Mental Health

Narcissism: The Secondhand Smoke of Mental Health

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is one of the most difficult disorders to understand. Even as the spouse or loved one of someone with NPD, it can be incredibly challenging to recognize the distorted and unhealthy ways of thinking and behaving exhibited by someone living with the often-toxic traits of NPD. Learn how to save yourself or someone you love from a potentially harmful relationship with a narcissist.

Narcissism: The Secondhand Smoke of Mental Health
  • Why Narcissism is the Secondhand Smoke of Mental Health

    Dr. Ramani breaks down how and why narcissism has become such an epidemic, what she sees in her practice, and her treatment approach for NPD.

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) vs. Self-Confidence 101

    Dr. Ramani defines “normal” self-confidence and when it becomes NPD, whether someone can have narcissistic traits without having narcissistic personality disorder, and what disorders most commonly co-occur with NPD. She explains the different types of NPD, how common it is, why it's often misdiag...

  • Are Narcissists Born or Made? Causes of the Disorder & More

    Dr. Ramani explains the biological, environmental, and societal causes of narcissistic personality disorder. She sheds light on which risk factors have the biggest impact on the development of NPD,
    and at what age someone typically develops narcissistic traits.

  • The 7 Signs of Narcissism & How to Spot Them

    Dr. Ramani walks through each of the seven signs of narcissistic personality disorder, why they can be an issue in day-to-day life, and how to spot them at work, at home, and in social situations.

  • Narcissistic Abuse: How to Spot It & Cope With It

    Narcissistic abuse is incredibly debilitating, yet it is so difficult to recognize when a loved one with NPD is being manipulative. Dr. Ramani breaks down how to spot the signs of emotional abuse from a narcissist - and, more importantly, what to do.

    Access the National Domestic Violence Hotline...

  • Can Narcissism Be Treated?

    Can narcissistic personality disorder be cured - and what types of treatment are available? Dr. Ramani breaks down potential treatment options for NPD. She also walks through resources available for those who have been victims of narcissistic abuse.

  • How to Diagnose a Narcissist: Live Therapy Session

    Watch Dr. Ramani walk through a live example of how to diagnose narcissistic personality disorder.