Navigating the Ambiguity of ADHD

Navigating the Ambiguity of ADHD

ADHD doesn't need to get in the way of success in school or life. Here's how to navigate it.

Navigating the Ambiguity of ADHD
  • ADHD 101: How to Navigate Its Complexity

    What makes Dr. Dom an expert on ADHD? In this session, he explains the training and qualifications that experienced providers for ADHD go through. He also sheds light on what is NOT being discussed about ADHD that we should be discussing.

  • How is ADHD Different from "Normal" Lack of Attention?

    Learn the definition of ADHD and the three types of the disorder. You’ll understand how ADHD is different than experiencing a “normal” lack of attention. Dr. Dom explains when the ADHD diagnosis cannot be given - even when the patient is experiencing symptoms of ADHD. Plus, Dr. Dom discusses what...

  • What Actually Causes ADHD

    In this session, Dr. Dom clears up the myths surrounding what causes ADHD. Dr. Dom discusses how functional MRIs are leading the charge on how our brain looks and operates for those with ADHD. Plus, you will learn correlations between a mother’s behavior during pregnancy and the child’s likelihoo...

  • How to Effectively Spot the Symptoms of ADHD

    Learn the most common signs of ADHD in children and young adults. Dr. Dom walks through what common behaviors are more often seen in girls vs. boys, and what questions you should be asking your child’s teacher, coaches, and mentors. Dr. Dom also discusses developmental milestones parents need to ...

  • How to Accurately Test for ADHD (& Avoid Misdiagnosis)

    Avoid a misdiagnosis by fully understanding the diagnostic process for ADHD. To accurately test for ADHD, a professional will likely need to interview multiple parties. In this session, Dr. Dom walks you through what diagnosing a child with ADHD should look like and what red flags you should look...

  • How to Best Help a Child With ADHD Succeed

  • How to Help a Teen With ADHD Manage Emotions

    Raising a teenager is difficult. Raising a teenager with ADHD comes with its own set of unique obstacles. In this session, Dr. Dom gives parents actionable tips on how to navigate this time and how to set you and your teen up for success.