Master Your Mind Workshop

​​Learn from the best doctors in the world on personality disorders, relationships, anxiety, burnout, trauma, and inner-child work. 

May 22nd | 1:00pm ET

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About the Workshop

Relationship challenges, stress, anxiety, burnout, depression and trauma— are undoubtedly some of the most prevalent issues that we experience today.

So what do we do about it?

Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Dr, Judy Ho and Dr. Kristy Lamb will not only be answering our general questions on these topics but each doctor will also give us one method we can use immediately that can help improve the quality of our life as well as our loved ones helping us attain solutions to the challenges we are currently facing.

Join us for this Live Workshop where our experts address how we can learn to thrive or support someone through dysfunctional relationships, personality disorders, burnout, anxiety, depression and trauma— creating a comprehensive informational and integrative experience helping you Master Your Mind and change your life.

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For Patients, Supporters, and Professionals

Replay is available if you are unavailable to attend live

Presented by world-renowned psychologists and psychiatrists 

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