Trauma & PTSD

  • Confronting PTSD from Sexual Trauma

    6 videos

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects more people than just combat veterans. For years, renowned psychologist Dr. Cheryl Arutt has been treating PTSD in women & men who have faced sexual trauma. In this series, she provides actionable advice you can utilize today while helping you grasp t...

  • PTSD & Domestic Violence: Strategies to End the Cycle

    5 videos

    Learn how to break free from the cycle of domestic violence & its mental health impacts.

  • Overcoming Childhood Trauma & Committing to Mental Wellness

    6 videos

    Discover how nonprofit founder Jacob Moore overcame trauma, addiction, & suicidal thinking.

  • What It's Like to Live with CPTSD

    5 videos

    She’s living with CPTSD & has overcome trauma, a brain injury, chronic pain, severe anxiety & more. Jane Farris shares her journey in this eye-opening series.

  • Narcissistic Abuse: How to Stop Suffering in Silence

    7 videos

    Narcissistic abuse is widespread. Get empowered to spot the signs, leave a narcissist, & find treatment.

  • Intimate Partner Violence: On-the-Job Strategies to Aid Survivors

    6 videos

    1 in 4 women suffer severe domestic violence, & in some communities, it’s so widespread that it becomes ingrained in daily life. Here’s how to help survivors.

  • Somatic Experiencing Therapy: How to Set Yourself Free from Trauma

    5 videos

    Learn about this groundbreaking body-focused therapy that addresses trauma in a new way.

  • Understanding Community Violence & Trauma

    6 videos

    In some communities, nearly 90% of people experience trauma. There are informed care strategies that can combat this problem.

  • How to Support a Trauma Survivor

    6 videos

    Everyone responds to trauma differently, but there are fundamental strategies you need to know to support them.

  • PTSD: Ending the Silent Epidemic

    6 videos

    Understand how to overcome PTSD from a leading expert in the field.

  • CPTSD: Find Renewed Strength After Chronic Suffering

    5 videos

    Complex PTSD robs its sufferers of an emotionally healthy life. Learn how to effectively face it.